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Brandysek is situated in central part of the Czech Republic near the capital Prague. It lies within the grasp of the international airport Prague-Ruzyne. See our synoptical map.

Brandysek was founded in 1345. Present population is 1,678 inhabitants in 605 houses. Cadastral acreage is 1.9 square miles (4.9 square kilometers). Brandysek is famous for the 19th century coal mining. Now the mines are closed.

Air photography

School buildings and the townhall.
The greatest place of interest in Brandysek surroundings is the natural water park Cabarna. Cabarna park stretches on “Tynecky potok” brook. The whole area used to be polluted with waste products from the former mines.

Nowadays a great number of animals lives here, both aquatic in pond or small pools and terrestrial overland. We can find various kinds of fish even turtles or beavers, but also ferrets and goats. Visiting Cabarna in a summer afternoon will certainly pay off. At present the park is being enlarged towards Brandysek. There is also a bird rescue station (AVES) nearby.
In the year 1842 the coal mine Michael was dug in Brandysek. Coal reserves were found in the depth of 784 feet (239 meters). According to various sources the coal was dug between years 1856 and 1865 and then the mining was stopped because of groundwater. Based on other sources the mining wasn’t started at all. Until recently the mine was used as a ventilation tunnel of another mine. These days Micheal mine is being filled step by step. Its old mining tower is still a dominating feature of Brandysek.
A variety of cultural events is held during a year. This event (in the picture) is called “witch burning”. It is celebrated on the last day of April as a welcome of first sunny and warm days and as chasing away evil spirits. It’s an old Czech tradition. Neighbours meet, listen to live music, make a balefire, watch children’s performance, eat knackwursts and drink beer.

Other cultural events are Carnival, Children’s Day, Advent, Nicholas’ Day and New Years’ Eve.

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